Popular Sock Monkeys

Here are a few of the most popular sock monkey types I get requests for.

Outdoor Sock Monkey- Ready for Action!

Boy and Girl Outdoor Sock Monkeys- Cute as can be!

Classic Hat and Scarf Sock Monkey- With Hand-knitted Wool Goodness

Ballerina Sock Monkey- A Loving Companion for every Dancing Princess!

Fez and Vest Sock Monkeys- Fanastic Traveling Companions- Not to Mention the Best Ring Bearer any Wedding could hope for!

Girl Sock Monkey with Crochet Dress and Hat- Bright and Sunny and Happy to See You!


  • Dusty Perez says:

    I love your sock monkeys and wanted to know how much you would charge to make a special one for me. I am pregnant and want to do my baby’s room in sock monkeys I had a sock monkey when I was a kid and I carried it everywhere. I would love to carry on that tradition. I don’t have the talent to make one but would pay to have a special one made. I look forward to hearing from you

    Thanks Dusty

  • Carolyn says:

    Your monkey’s are fantastic!!!. My mom made these for years, dressing them, always unique, always happy. She used clothes line in the tails (so they weren’t “To fat”)and “curled them” by drawing up a heavy thread and tacking it every so far up the tail. She also made tucks to create hands and feet. Keep up the extra special work.

  • Caroline says:

    i was wondering if you would sell the outdoor sock monkey for cheap. it would be amazing. thanks, caroline

  • Caroline says:

    where do ya get those fezs???

  • Hi my name is Nico and I am 9 I am almost 10 my birthday is September 27 1999 so I was wondering if you could maybe customize a sock monkey for me for my birthday I would like it to be in a sky blue dress with short brown hair and a sky blue hat please email me the price and I will ask my mom to get it for me thank you and can I also buy some clothes for my sock monkey I am ordering I would like a pink hat,black ribbons,and sky blue and light pink striped sweatshirt,also a black salsa dress thank you so much please reply


  • Allison says:

    OMG i adore sock monkeys and this is sooooo creative!! I have one named George. He’s a Schylling sock monkey. These outfits would be PERFECT for him!!! Your sock monkeys r the BEST!!!

  • Allison says:

    Hi I was kind of wondering if you could make two personalized sock monkeys that look like my sisters for them. if you give me ur email, i will send u pictures of them to help you out. Please reply asap. Thanks.

  • Maya strickland says:

    Hi my birthday is the 26 could you send me directions to make the fez and vest for my new sock monkey I’m getting thanks

  • Mikaela says:

    I’m Mikaeala and I’m 11 years old.
    My grandma taught me to make sock monkeys,
    and now I have 4:
    Murphy Nigel,
    Tyrone Sebastian,
    Reynie Thomas,
    Naming them is my favorite part, plus all mine are handmade by me!
    I’d like to make more, but I need a sewing machine.
    Do you know any that are simple, light, and cheap?
    Thank you!


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