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Loki The Trickster Sock Doll

My most challenging Sock creation to date is finally finished! :)

I had never heard of this character but thanks to a great sketch and description I think I found him in the socks.

DIY Alert! PDX Profile of … me :)

sock monkeys

I was so happy to be interviewed for the great local site DIY Alert.

Head over there and check out the interview. :)

3 of 5 Sock Monkeys ~ Dr. Zira, Monkey King, and Boop

I love summer! It is so much easier to get good lighting outside. :) Here are my 3 latest sock monkeys.

First up – Dr. Zira from Planet of the Apes. Her ‘do’ was a challenge, but with the right yarn it came out nice.

Dr. Zira Sock Monkey

Then came a character I’d never heard of – Sun Wukong or Son Goku or the Monkey King depending on your language. This was my first time using fur (I had hand-knit fur before for Chewy), I was very pleasently surprised with how well it worked.

Son Goku Monkey King Sock Monkey

Lastly, is a sock monkey similar to one I’ve already made. Here is Betty Boop! Really, I don’t think she is a monkey… more of a sock doll. :)
Betty Boop Sock Monkey

We are almost done building

We need feedback! If you can, go look and let me know what you think. :)

Thank You.

Sock Monkey

Iowa Hawkeye Sock Monkey Girl

I have wanted to make a girl counterpart to the Outdoor Monkey for a long time. (I secretly think of this monkey as like me, cause I love the outdoors. ;) )

I finally got an order for one so there was no more excuses! Here she is, and she is a fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Iowa Hawkeye Sock Monkey Girl

Iowa Hawkeye Sock Monkey

This Sock Monkey will have the duty to go cheer for the Iowa Hawkeyes!

Iowa Hawkeye Sock Monkey

Monkey Made of Sockies Golf Club Cover

Another first for me- my first Golf Club Cover. A special order from our friend Shannon Grissom. She liked the idea of a golf club cover made in the likeness of her famous sock monkey

Monkey Made of Sockies Golf Club Cover

Thanks for another great idea Shannon! :)

Pink Ballerina Girl

What little girl doesn’t like pink ballerinas? Well, some do, but I think the little todler this sock monkey is intended for likes pink ballerinas. :)

pink ballerina sock monkey

Not that anyone is keeping track, but she is #140… I can’t believe I’ve made that many monkeys. ^.^

Sock Monkey Portraits ~ Philanthropist with Afghani Boy

This was a fun pair of sock monkeys to make. They were ordered as a gift for a very neat man who travels the world and does nice things for people. Lately, he has been helping to build schools in Afghanistan.

Philanthropist and Afghani Boy Sock Monkeys

Outdoor Sock Monkey

Latest Outdoor Monkey~ I love getting orders for these because I get to knit.

outdoor sock monkey

Sock Monkey Flower!

I sent out 5 naked sock monkeys today. They are off to a book signing for Everything’s Coming Up Sock Monkeys! 

I had a little fun taking thier picture. :D

Sock Monkey Flower

The Great Sock Monkey Making Party!

Yesterday was the sock monkey making party. We had a great range in ages and all had a great time! Thanks to Briah for being my co-hostess. :)

And thanks to Cindy, Shannon, Skylar, Sydney, Camille, Sedona, and Allison for coming. You all made gorgeous Sock Monkeys! 

Here is a shot of everyone hard at work making monkeys. (except Cindy, cause I forgot to take the picture till after she had to go :( )

Sock Monkey Making Party

Here’s a shot of them all saying ‘cheese’ for me! :)

Sock Monkey Making Party

Thanks again everyone, till next time!