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Little Sock Monkey with a Beret and Scarf

This was my first handmade beret. I like how it came out.

This little guy was made baby-safe.

Scooter Sock Monkey

A scooter club was in need of a mascot. I was so happy to help! :)

Hand Knitted Hat, Scarf Set in Sock Monkey and Human Size

This Team is Ready to Play!

A whole little team of sock monkeys.
I bring you the Red Sox Monkeys. ;)

Jack Bauer Hero of 24

One of the coolest custom orders I’ve ever gotten to make.




Purple Hair Sock Monkey Girl

Seems forever since I got a new monkey out the door, but she was worth the wait!

I love the hair. :)

Diva Laura, 3 Vintage Sock Monkeys, a Ballerina and a Little Cutie Looking for a Home

Here is the latest sock monkeys!

Starting with a little guy who was not a custom order, but an original that I started a super long time ago and just finished up. He is now looking for a new home. :)

All these are sent to new homes already.

Laura Diva Marathon Sock Monkey

A few vintage style sock monkeys.

And a Ballerina sock monkey girl


A Buddy for Bennett – Cute Little Crochet Girl and Vintage Hat and Scarf Sock Monkey

Irish Sock Monkey and two Colorful Little Guys

Beast of Marvels X-Men

Introducing Dr. Henry McCoy. :)


Sock Monkey Ring Bearer

I love this idea! I got an order for a sock monkey to help the ring bearer of a wedding.

Who wants a lifeless little pillow, when you could have this little guy? ;)

Loads of Sock Monkeys!

Here are my latest sock monkeys. :)