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She’s Ready to Dance! Teenage Sock Monkey Girl

This little sock monkey is off to make friends with a Sweet Sixteen.

Triplets!!! A batch of Colorful Sock Monkeys

Thanks again to Daveyne for this latest batch of Sock Monkey adoptions!

I hope Erika loved them. :)

Sock Panda

Another Sock Animal first! Well, almost – I have actually made a sock panda before, but it was totally different. :)

I present Sock Panda

Sock Hippo Ballerina

This was a complete first for me! A Sock hippo. I think she’s purty. ;)


Safari Sock Monkey

I just love this little hat! I wish it looked that cute in my size. :)


Tropical Beauty and an Outdoor Sock Monkey with a New Style

A Bunch of Sock Monkeys

Just finished a fun project for a great company. Sock Guy ordered some sock monkeys for thier next catalog. What a fun idea!

Hottie Sock Monkey was the first one and now here are the other 5.

This little guy is my favorite. :)

And this one just says- “Hey Baby- how you doin’?” ;)

The Trombone Soloist is Ready for Her Recital

This adorable girl sock monkey was especially made for an upcoming recital. Her new person is a trombone player and she can’t wait to get to her new home. :)

Julia Sock Monkey Comes for a Spa Treatment

After seeing the photos of Monkey. I got a desperate plea from Julia’s person asking if I could help her too.

I was happy to help.

Monkey Needs Some TLC

I love seeing vintage crafts. Especially up close.
Recently, I was sent a very cute monkey that needed to be rebuilt.
Luckily- I had the technology. Wink

You can see even in the before pictures she is a beautiful piece of work- just a bit torn up.



Hottie Sock Monkey

Recently, I was contacted by Sock Guy. The art director had the great idea to have sock monkeys made from some of their sock, for their next catalog. They had me make up a sample sock monkey from the “Hottie” socks.

I think she came out pretty cute. What do you think? :)

Double Trouble! Mr. T Sock Monkey x2