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Soccer Sock Monkey!

Isn’t she a sweet little monkey? Another soccer sock monkey headed to an adorable little soccer player.

The jersey and shorts are sure to match her human friends exactly because her thoughtful mom sent me a jersey to make the monkeys outfit.

Smart thinking Mom! :)


Todays Sock Monkey brought to you by the color Green

I can’t seem to pose these little guys any other way. They just look so natural with that smug little expression and their arms crossed. :)

These sock monkeys really do have an attitude about them.

Green Outdoor Sock Monkey

Maybe I’ll come up with another pose someday though.

Pink with Attitude! – Girl Outdoor Sock Monkey

I was so happy to get this request. I think I will add this as an option on the site.

I really do need a few more girly options for sock monkeys. I love eyelashes! :)

Maybe a classic sock monkey in a pink hat and scarf too? hmmm…

Two Classic Sock Monkeys for the Road- To OZ! :)

These two cuties are headed to the land down under. I love it when good ole’ folk art gets exported.
Who says America has no culture! ;) Sorry, I guess I might be a bit touchy about that. I was recently in South America hanging out with a nice German guy who did not hold back his opinions of Americas lack of taste and culture.


Back to Sock Monkeys- I’ve been asked how I make the slightly folded ears for the classic sock monkey.
I draw the shape. (for classic is about 80% of a full circle)
Sew it. (for pre-sewn sock monkey kits this shape is already sewn in)
Turn it right side out.
Bring the two ‘corners’ together and make a small sorta cone shape and sew that to the sock monkeys head.
Happy Monkey Making!

Pint Size But Still Full of Attitude! Mini Outdoor Sock Monkey

Latest Sock Monkey is a little guy- but he still has the tough attitude of his taller cousins. ;)



Another Sock Monkey Couple headed for Wedded Bliss!

This may become a trend! Sock Monkey Bride and Grooms headed to weddings for the fun and delight of all. :)

This couple are in a slightly different color scheme.

The bride is in an ivory gown with gold accents while the groom is in chocolate brown vest and bow tie.



Here Comes the Bride! (and the Groom too)

Back from a six week trip to South America and already making more sock monkeys.
This cute little couple are headed to a Wedding!

Bride and Groom Sock Monkey

Bride and Groom Sock Monkey

Buncha Monkeys

Here are the latest!



D-Monkey of Hak5

The latest custom sock monkey has found a home on the set of Hak5. One of our favorite video podcasts. :)


Here is a shot of him with his Human counterpart. :)

Photo belongs to Darren Kitchen of Hak5.

A Clockwork Orange Inspired Sock Monkey

I was so pleased to make a new custom sock monkey that is not one of my standard ones.

I love how this little guy came out. :)

A Clockwork Orange Inspired Monkey

Attitude and Brains! Outdoor Sock Monkey with Glasses

This little guy is on his way to Africa!

I wish I was headed there with him. :)

Outdoor Sock Monkeys Go!

This weeks sock monkeys are all outdoor sock monkeys. These first 4 have a new feature. I finally used the embroidery machine I have access to. These little guys are custom embroidered with the names of their new friends! :D

 Four Outdoor Sock Monkeys Ready for Action! Four Outdoor Sock Monkeys Ready for Action! Hello There! :D