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Todays Sock Monkey brought to you by the color Green

I can’t seem to pose these little guys any other way. They just look so natural with that smug little expression and their arms crossed.
These sock monkeys really do have an attitude about them.

Maybe I’ll come up with another pose someday though.

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Pink with Attitude! – Girl Outdoor Sock Monkey

I was so happy to get this request. I think I will add this as an option on the site.
I really do need a few more girly options for sock monkeys. I love eyelashes!

Maybe a classic sock monkey in a pink hat and scarf too? hmmm…

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Outdoor Sock Monkeys Go!

This weeks sock monkeys are all outdoor sock monkeys. These first 4 have a new feature. I finally used the embroidery machine I have access to. These little guys are custom embroidered with the names of their new friends!

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