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Monkey Made of Sockies Golf Club Cover

Another first for me- my first Golf Club Cover. A special order from our friend Shannon Grissom. She liked the idea of a golf club cover made in the likeness of her famous sock monkey. 

Thanks for another great idea Shannon!

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Pink Ballerina Girl

What little girl doesn’t like pink ballerinas? Well, some do, but I think the little todler this sock monkey is intended for likes pink ballerinas.

Not that anyone is keeping track, but she is #140… I can’t believe I’ve made that many monkeys. ^.^

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Sock Monkey Portraits ~ Philanthropist with Afghani Boy

This was a fun pair of sock monkeys to make. They were ordered as a gift for a very neat man who travels the world and does nice things for people. Lately, he has been helping to build schools in Afghanistan.

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