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Wedding Sock Monkeys in Mini

I love this idea! I recently recieved a request for sock monkeys to be used as a cake topper! How cute will that be. Here is the little couple and another couple that followed soon after.
Yellow must be a popular wedding color for this spring.

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Note to Baylie

I just got back from about 2 months in Europe. You can read about some of our travels at my husbands blog
Just wanted to let you know- I got your letter and I will be writing you back soon! Thanks for writing me again.
Yours Truly,
p.s. Say “Hi” to Steve for me.

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Some Days I Love My Work.

How many jobs (outside of the entertainment industry)  result in unsolicited fan mail from sweet kids?
Here is a scan of letter I received today.

Thank you for making my day Baylie!

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Wedding in Hawaii!

This beautiful couple is off to Hawaii to get married!
They are both so excited. As you can see they have their tropical wedding attire just so, for their beach wedding. He is decked out in a custom Hawaiian shirt and top hat. She has a bridal veil with tropical flower, a coconut bra and grass [...]

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Dad Has Big Ears?

I got a request for an Outdoor Sock Monkey with DAD on the jacket and the ‘big ears’.

I bet their dad will not take it personal.

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Facebook Page for

We decided to put up a facebook page for our company. It’s not finished but you can follow it if you like. Facebook

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Purple Paris Girl ~ Sock Monkey Ready to Travel

I love getting to make new sock monkeys that will be traveling companions. That was the reason I started to make sock monkeys in the first place. I wanted my own traveling companion. I had seen a few brave sock monkeys out traveling the world and knew I had to have one too! I am [...]

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Another Happy Couple of Sock Monkeys

I think love is in the air.
I have had a lot of bride and groom sock monkey requests lately.
We are thinking of adding the bride and groom sock monkeys to the line at
Without further wordage- here is this months couple.

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3 Colorful Sock Monkeys Ready for Adoption!

The wait is over! We have finally gotten our shipment of Sock Lady Socks and we are ready to offer the Colorful Sock Monkeys!
Here they are!

Starting from Left to Right – Here we Have Lime Sock Monkey.

This little guy is Blue (but he’s not sad- he’s Happy!)

And finally the most sedately colored of the three- [...]

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Soccer Sock Monkey!

Isn’t she a sweet little monkey? Another soccer sock monkey headed to an adorable little soccer player.
The jersey and shorts are sure to match her human friends exactly because her thoughtful mom sent me a jersey to make the monkeys outfit.
Smart thinking Mom!

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Todays Sock Monkey brought to you by the color Green

I can’t seem to pose these little guys any other way. They just look so natural with that smug little expression and their arms crossed.
These sock monkeys really do have an attitude about them.

Maybe I’ll come up with another pose someday though.

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Pink with Attitude! – Girl Outdoor Sock Monkey

I was so happy to get this request. I think I will add this as an option on the site.
I really do need a few more girly options for sock monkeys. I love eyelashes!

Maybe a classic sock monkey in a pink hat and scarf too? hmmm…

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