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3 Colorful Sock Monkeys Ready for Adoption!

The wait is over! We have finally gotten our shipment of Sock Lady Socks and we are ready to offer the Colorful Sock Monkeys!
Here they are!

Starting from Left to Right – Here we Have Lime Sock Monkey.

This little guy is Blue (but he’s not sad- he’s Happy!)

And finally the most sedately colored of the three- [...]

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Two Classic Sock Monkeys for the Road- To OZ! :)

These two cuties are headed to the land down under. I love it when good ole’ folk art gets exported.
Who says America has no culture! Sorry, I guess I might be a bit touchy about that. I was recently in South America hanging out with a nice German guy who did not hold [...]

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A Bunch of Sock Monkeys

Just finished a fun project for a great company. Sock Guy ordered some sock monkeys for thier next catalog. What a fun idea!
Hottie Sock Monkey was the first one and now here are the other 5.

This little guy is my favorite.

And this one just says- “Hey Baby- how you doin’?”

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Julia Sock Monkey Comes for a Spa Treatment

After seeing the photos of Monkey. I got a desperate plea from Julia’s person asking if I could help her too.
I was happy to help.

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Monkey Needs Some TLC

I love seeing vintage crafts. Especially up close.
Recently, I was sent a very cute monkey that needed to be rebuilt.
Luckily- I had the technology.
You can see even in the before pictures she is a beautiful piece of work- just a bit torn up.


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DIY Alert! PDX Profile of … me :)

I was so happy to be interviewed for the great local site DIY Alert.
Head over there and check out the interview.

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We are almost done building
We need feedback! If you can, go look and let me know what you think.
Thank You.

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The Great Sock Monkey Making Party!

Yesterday was the sock monkey making party. We had a great range in ages and all had a great time! Thanks to Briah for being my co-hostess.
And thanks to Cindy, Shannon, Skylar, Sydney, Camille, Sedona, and Allison for coming. You all made gorgeous Sock Monkeys! 
Here is a shot of everyone hard at work making [...]

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Everything’s Coming Up Sock Monkeys!

A great new book just came out and we’re in it! The author was very nice and sent us a signed copy of the new book.
It’s beautiful, it has tons of history and art all about Sock Monkeys. It would be a great addition to the library or coffee table of any Sock Monkey enthusiast.
Look [...]

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Here are a few travel shots from our recent trip to Europe.
Ceru in the Roman Colliseum.

Checking out the statue of David
outside the Palazo Vechio in Florence.

At the Ponte Vechio in Florence

This is Burg Eltz in Rhineland Germany

The Wall in Berlin

And finally the longest fjord in Norway

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Sock Monkey Dreams~ Now Available!


I just ordered my copy!
I went to Sock Monkey Dreams directly to order one. (I love free bookmarks!)
But they carry it at  Amazon also.
If you’ve ever been curious about the lives of Sock Monkeys, you should check this book out.

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