Here Comes the Bride! (and the Groom too)

Back from a six week trip to South America and already making more sock monkeys.
This cute little couple are headed to a Wedding!

Bride and Groom Sock Monkey

Bride and Groom Sock Monkey

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  • Ruth La Loggia says:

    Are these for sale? I have a friend looking for a bride and groom and I told her I would help her find something. Love this site. I collect sock monkies and I just love all the posts on here. Thank you! Please respond to the email above. RUthie

  • Linda says:

    When is this adorable couple available?

  • Susan says:

    Hi folks, I am the delighted sock-monkey fan for whom Tamara made these monkeys. They were a gift for the wedding of two dear young people — she’s a veterinarian and he works with animals too — and the monkeys were the hit of the affair. Now the bride’s sister is marrying in Hawaii and I turned to Tamara again for the fabulous tropical sock monkeys she is also showing.

    I am over the moon about Tamara’s wonderful, painstaking work, her exquisite monkey sensibility and her great customer service. I urge everyone to engage Tamara for all your monkey needs! She is a sock monkey magician! Indeed a sock monkey goddess!

    Susan Figliulo


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