Attitude and Brains! Outdoor Sock Monkey with Glasses

This little guy is on his way to Africa!

I wish I was headed there with him. :)

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  • Alan Mizell says:

    WOW, very cool.

    I have a newer blog called Short Order Monkey where I post several monkey and ape images daily. I would love to post an occasional image from your blog, your work is great and your photos crisp and clear!

    Of course, on each post I would provide a link to your wonderful blog!

    Also, check out my more long term image blog


  • Tamara says:

    Hi Alan,
    Thanks so much for the kind words. :)
    Sure, go right ahead and use the photos for your blog.

    I like both your blogs, especially the Robot one. :)


  • Alan says:

    Thank you. Yes, the monkey site is more of a lark, just fu. But Robot Nine is my more serious site. I have started add much more material lately and tomorrow will post some of your images with a link to your blog.
    Thanks for the permision.
    Your work is ABSOLUTELY incredible. Is it a bisiness or more of a pasttime. I could see your monkeys becoming popular collector items, they are so crisp and cleean and so damn cute.
    You are hard to contact though. Perhaps an e-mail that is visible on the blog. I didn’t see one.


  • anya says:

    your work is amazing! I love all sock monkeys, no matter of looks. I was going to go out and buy an expensive monkey, but my sister snagged a vintage monkey at a yard sale for 4$. i guess i was lucky!!!


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