Wedding in Hawaii!

This beautiful couple is off to Hawaii to get married!
They are both so excited. As you can see they have their tropical wedding attire just so, for their beach wedding. He is decked out in a custom Hawaiian shirt and top hat. She has a bridal veil with tropical flower, a coconut bra and grass skirt.

Don’t they look in love!

Hawaiian Wedding Sock Monkeys

Hawaiian Wedding Sock Monkeys

A Thank You to Tyler, my brother, for a design assist on the costume. :)

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  • Susan says:

    Just a note from the happy monkey fan who is planning to give these adorable monkeys to a couple about to have the beach wedding in Hawaii. They are so excited — surely their likenesses in sock monkeys is the only thing that could ramp it up!

    Thank you, dear Tamara, for this unique, delightful gift!

    Susan Figliulo

  • tamara says:

    Thank you very much Susan.
    It was a pleasure to make these little cuties for you.
    Your kind words are also very much appreciated!

    Thank you again- YT,


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