Todays Sock Monkey brought to you by the color Green

I can’t seem to pose these little guys any other way. They just look so natural with that smug little expression and their arms crossed. :)

These sock monkeys really do have an attitude about them.

Green Outdoor Sock Monkey

Maybe I’ll come up with another pose someday though.

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  • Jan says:

    He’s so handsome in his cap and vest and that’s my favorite way to post sock monkeys, too! Except for the girls, they like to be a little more prissy.

    Sock Monkey Ranch

  • Tamara says:

    Thanks so much for coming by and commenting Jan!
    I love your adorable sock monkeys! All the cute clothes you make blow me away. :)


  • Sha-Ming says:

    UGLY!!! that jusat my opinon guys!

  • HiLLjO says:

    These all are so great! I usually make my monkeys from stripe and pattern socks but these have inspired me to make a few traditional monkeys soon. And don’t mind the criticism above… Some people are just that unfamiliar with the handmade charm of things like all your monkey babies in this mass produced society. I love all sock monkeys they are all great.

  • Exactly who Fails to Love Sock Monkeys. I’d Like to put together one from a sock however , so far i have just acquired them completed.


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