Recently, a reporter sent me an e-mail interview for a story she was writing
about sock monkeys and a fellow monkey maker. I thought it might make a good

How long have you been involved with/ making sock monkeys?

I have been a crafter since childhood, but had never really encountered sock
monkeys until about 3 years ago. That’s when I decided I had to have one.
And being a crafter I didn’t want to buy a pre-made one.

How did it start, how did you get involved?

I had a client with sock monkeys. I would see them every week in a new pose
and I thought they were so cute. She had a web-cam at the time and would put
them in front of it. From there, I searched the web and found lots of other
sock monkeys on the web (Lucius, Nate, the Red Heel Monkey Shelter ect…).
And then I knew I had to have a sock monkey for a travel companion.

I started by ordering 6 pairs of socks and intending to make up those 6-
keep one and give the other 5 away to friends and family. I did give most of
the first 6 away, but I never stopped making sock monkeys. As a gift, my
husband made a website for my sock monkeys. Not long after, I started to get
orders…which was strange. Now, I have more orders than I can do. I only
accept custom orders so that I don’t get bored. (www.sockmonkeyfun.net)


How many sock monkeys have you made? How many do you have?

I have made about 150 sock monkeys. And I have had the fun of showing about
30 people how to make them. I only have two that I call my own. Ceru our
traveling companion and a sock monkey I rescued from ebay. I bought the
vintage monkey cause he was very cute and I wanted an old monkey to see how
he was constructed.

Tell me about some of your monkey’s personalities.

Ceru is gregarious and fun and has the personality of a little boy. I kind
of think of little boys as monkeys so there is a connection in my head with
sock monkeys and little boys. I think they make fantastic toys for young

What is your profession outside of making sock monkeys, or is making sock
monkeys your profession?

My husband and I have 2 other small businesses. We have been operating a
commercial/residential cleaning service for more than 15 years. For about 4
years now he has been working as a freelance computer consultant and web
designer. He helps me with the sock monkey business and I help him with the
computer business.

In what ways do you partake in the world of sock monkeys? Message
boards…Businesses…making clothes?

All of the above, I love the RHMB (Red Heel Message Board). I love having a
business making monkeys for people and even making clothes for other peoples
monkeys. I have worked mostly the last year making custom monkeys for
people. I love getting funky weird ideas from other people and trying to
make their visions into reality. The most challenging monkey I’ve made so
far was Don Quixote. I had to figure out how to make armor, and a lance. But
it was really fun and I love new challenges.

I have started keeping track of my new monkeys and anything sock monkey
related via a blog http://sockmonkeyfun.net . I have even been trying to get
a sock monkey podcast started, but have not quite been able to conquer the
technical side of that yet.

Is there anything quirky about your sock monkeys?

They have a tendency to have really big mouths. And I have not been able to
make any mean, angry, scary monkeys yet. I have had a few requests that I
have had to turn down, because the monkey the person wanted could not be
made cute… I have only been able to make what, I think, is cute. Maybe
someday I will break free of my cute shackles.

Have you encountered anything out of the ordinary since becoming involved in
the subculture?

I never really thought of it as a subculture, but I suppose it could be
looked at that way. Everyone I have come into contact with in connection
with sock monkeys has been a neat person. I have had only positive
experiences. Making sock monkeys and finding other people who make sock
monkeys or collect sock monkeys or write books about sock monkeys has fired
my creative side and inspired me.

Thanks for letting me express my creative bug.

Me and My Monkey

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