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New Etsy Shop for Snotty Bots ~ Tissue Box Covers

I recently decided to make a tissue box cover for my desk. I am an allergy sufferer and thus, have a tissue box on my desk all the time, and boy, are they ugly boxes!

I thought other people might like to cover them up too- so I launched a little store on Etsy.

Etsy Snotty Bots Store

Tissue Bots

And for those who play Minecraft!

Minecraft Tissue Box Covers

Thanks for looking! and let me know what you’d like to see instead of an ugly cardboard box?

Wedding Sock Monkeys in Mini

I love this idea! I recently recieved a request for sock monkeys to be used as a cake topper! How cute will that be. Here is the little couple and another couple that followed soon after.
Yellow must be a popular wedding color for this spring. :)

Wedding Monkeys

more Wedding Monkeys

Note to Baylie

I just got back from about 2 months in Europe. You can read about some of our travels at my husbands blog

Just wanted to let you know- I got your letter and I will be writing you back soon! Thanks for writing me again.

Yours Truly,
p.s. Say “Hi” to Steve for me. :)

Some Days I Love My Work.

How many jobs (outside of the entertainment industry)  result in unsolicited fan mail from sweet kids?

Here is a scan of letter I received today.

Scan of Fan Mail

Thank you for making my day Baylie! :)

Much Loved Teddy Bear Has Minor Surgery

One of my best friends is having a baby. She only has one stuffed toy from her childhood- a cute teddy bear that her aunt made for her. He was a little worse for wear, so she asked me to help him out.

Candi's Bear (before)

Candi's Bear (before)

As you can see – he was blind in one eye and had a few spots in need of care. His stuffing was not very fluffy anymore and it was never all that soft to start with- so she thought it might do for a refresh.

So, after some minor surgeries, two spa treatments in the gentle cycle of the washing machine (which resulted in a nose re-attachment),  a stuffing replacement, a couple new eyes, and a good fur brushing….

Here he is- fresh and ready to loved by a new baby! :)

Candi's Bear (after)

Candi's Bear (after)

Cuter than ever!

Wedding in Hawaii!

This beautiful couple is off to Hawaii to get married!
They are both so excited. As you can see they have their tropical wedding attire just so, for their beach wedding. He is decked out in a custom Hawaiian shirt and top hat. She has a bridal veil with tropical flower, a coconut bra and grass skirt.

Don’t they look in love!

Hawaiian Wedding Sock Monkeys

Hawaiian Wedding Sock Monkeys

A Thank You to Tyler, my brother, for a design assist on the costume. :)

Dad Has Big Ears?

I got a request for an Outdoor Sock Monkey with DAD on the jacket and the ‘big ears’.
Big Ear Outdoor Dad Sock Monkey

I bet their dad will not take it personal. :)

Facebook Page for

We decided to put up a facebook page for our company. It’s not finished but you can follow it if you like. :) Facebook

Purple Paris Girl ~ Sock Monkey Ready to Travel

I love getting to make new sock monkeys that will be traveling companions. That was the reason I started to make sock monkeys in the first place. I wanted my own traveling companion. I had seen a few brave sock monkeys out traveling the world and knew I had to have one too! I am so glad I started making sock monkeys and I will always treasure my Ceru Monkey. :)

This cute girl is headed to Paris. I had fun making her and her wardrobe. I say wardrobe because the person who wanted this sock monkey wanted to be sure she was well dressed and had a “day outfit” and a slightly dressier option. On to the pics!

Here she is in her Day Dress with her Classic self-fabric beanie.

Vintage Sock Monkey Girl

Here she is dolled up in a Beret and Caplet.

Vintage Sock Monkey Girl

I hope I get to hear of her adventures in Paris. She looks excited to be going!

Guitar Pick Bracelet – It’s Pretty Rock n’ Roll

I made something other than a sock monkey! Crazy- I know.

I have been trying to learn to play guitar for about 6 months. I am still awful at it, but luckily- I am stubborn.

In an attempt to avoid actual guitar practice but still stay somewhat related, I decided to make a bracelet that would tell the world how cool I am for playing guitar.  Here it is.

Guitar Pick Bracelet

Here it is on someones pale freckle riddin skin.

Guitar Pick Bracelet

I made one for my friend who is learning to play with me. And my guitar teacher (who performs and stuff) thought it was cool and asked for one too. I happily made him one as well.

Another Happy Couple of Sock Monkeys

I think love is in the air. :)

I have had a lot of bride and groom sock monkey requests lately.

We are thinking of adding the bride and groom sock monkeys to the line at

Without further wordage- here is this months couple.

Bride and Groom Sock Monkey

Bride and Groom Sock Monkey

3 Colorful Sock Monkeys Ready for Adoption!

The wait is over! We have finally gotten our shipment of Sock Lady Socks and we are ready to offer the Colorful Sock Monkeys!

Here they are!

3 Colorful Sock Monkeys Ready for Adoption!

Starting from Left to Right – Here we Have Lime Sock Monkey.

Super Bright Sock Monkey!

This little guy is Blue (but he’s not sad- he’s Happy!)

Colorful Blue Boy Sock Monkey

And finally the most sedately colored of the three- she is so sweet I call her Pumpkin.

Pumpkin Patch Color Sock Monkey

They will be available for adoption as soon as my overworked web guy has a spare moment to make the page for them. :)

3 Colorful Sock Monkeys Ready for Adoption!

Thanks for visiting!